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The oil drain plug of Femco® is an environmental friendly solution

for a quick and clean oil change at

vehicles, machinery or hydraulic systems.

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How does the Femco® oil drain plug work?

1) Remove the dust cover from the drain plug

2) Screw the Femco® drain connector with hose onto the drainage system

3) The fluids are captured and flow straight to the container

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Femco ® Drain Technology


oil drain plug Femco® Drain Technology

Femco® has over 30 years of specialist expertise in the development and manufacturing of the high-quality oil drain plug. Expertise which has made us worldwide market leaders in the field of drainage systems. With our oil drain plug you can perform an oil change quickly, safely and without pollution from machines, vehicles and hydraulic systems.


Femco ® is always trying to develop a new drainage systems to reduce the risk of pollution and increase efficiency. The oil drain plug of Femco ® is designed to ensure a spill-free and quick oil change in every situation.


Femco ® aims to make your routine operations easier. Hence we are always developing new drainage systems and looking for options to innovate our oil drain plug. Femco ® continues to develop new models of the oil drain plug to make it even easier and quicker to change oil and other fluids in a sustainable way. We also monitor developments in a range of markets.


Most product development and innovation at Femco ® is the result of inquiries from our customers. We aim to make an oil change more effective in an environmental friendly way – whatever your application. Hence we analyse the suggestions and requirements of our worldwide customers, as a result of which you can be sure that the Femco ® oil drain plug is of the highest quality.


Having our own factory, based at Mijdrecht, the Netherlands means we can quickly respond to your requirements. With our product range covering over 500 thread types and sizes we can supply an oil drain plug in all sizes. Read about the advantages of our oil draining systems on the relevant product page. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

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