The oil drain plug of Femco® is an environmental friendly solution

for a quick and clean oil change at

vehicles, machinery or hydraulic systems.


Quick and clean oil changes with the Femco® oil drain plugs

Femco® Drain Technology is specialised in the development and manufacturing of high-quality oil drain plugs – expertise that have made us worldwide market leaders in the field of drainage systems. Fitting a Femco® drain plug helps you to perform an oil change quickly, safely and without risk of causing environmental pollution. Femco® drain plugs can be fitted to machines, vehicles and hydraulic systems.

Oil drain plugs

The Femco® oil drain plugs are developed to perform quick, clean and environmentally friendly oil changes.  Our oil drain plugs are designed to ensure the oil is drained in a controlled way creating a clean working environment. All Femco® oil drain plugs are manufactured from solid brass. Brass is heat resistant and ensures you can safely change hot oil. Using our oil drain plug is simple. Our oil drain plugs are fitted once, for life after this you can start the oil change in a few simple steps. The Femco® oil drain plug is the first choice for maintenance.


Oil extractor units

The Femco® oil extractor units are designed to drain large amounts of oil in a short period of time. The oil extractor unit is a closed system which uses vacuum to drain the oil from your vehicles and machines. As a sealed system this results in a clean and safe work place. The oil extractor unit can also be used to provide your vehicles and machines with fresh oil. The Femco® oil extractor unit is the perfect solution for quick and clean oil changes including fleets of vehicles.





Femco® Drain Technology supplies accessories for every oil drainage system. These accessories help you to perform oil changes efficiently in every situation.  To optimise the flow trough of fluids for every application, we have developed straight and angled drainers. Besides this we can also provide you with accessories including sampling nipples to take oil samples between oil changes and dust caps provided with a chain. Furthermore we can also fit a magnet onto the oil drain plug to collect the metal particles inside the sump.



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